How to Reset Your Low Pressure Cut-off Switch 

If your water well system is equipped with a low pressure cut-off switch, you will need to reset it if the water pressure drops below a desired point. The drop in pressure may occur if you attempt to use a greater volume of water than either the well or well pump can produce. The most common use for this switch is as well pump run-dry protection. Since the switch shuts off the pump when the pressure drops below about 20 psi or so, in most cases it will turn off the pump’s motor if the well runs dry. However, if the well runs dry while the pressure tank is being filled, the switch may not shut off the pump.  

The following are the instructions for resetting the switch, assuming your pressure switch is a Square D Pumptrol Model FSG-2-M4, an extremely common switch (pictured below):
  • Turn off all water faucets and water using appliances
  • Hold the lever at a 30-degree angle
  • Watch the pressure gauge next to the tank - it should start to rise at a steady rate. If the pressure does not rise within one minute then release the lever. Wait one hour and repeat the steps
  • If the water pressure starts to rise, hold the lever in the same spot until the pressure exceeds 25 psi. Release the lever and the system should take over on its own
  • You may want to take some time and note how long your pump cycles on and off. If it runs on and then is off within a few seconds, you may want to call us to check the pressure tank. Such rapid cycling can damage the well pump
  • Pat yourself on the back; you just saved yourself a service call 

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