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High-Grade Water Treatment Systems Across Boulder and Denver, CO

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When Boulder / GNC Water Well first started out, we noticed the high demand for a company that helps rural communities receive better quality water. There were several businesses that installed water treatment systems, but they all used cookie-cutter designs and solutions. We decided to educate ourselves in various water chemistry and treatment methods. By the late 70's, we were customizing systems throughout the area and helping to provide higher quality drinking water to our local community.
Our water treatment operations are long-term contracts that include ongoing maintenance and support services. Water quality is a concern for most homeowners and not all water running from the tap is pure. Regular maintenance helps ensure the quality, safety, and purity of drinking water supplies. We've had great results not only in making water look and taste better, but making it safer for our community as well.
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Water containing minerals and dissolved metals can cause many issues – bathtub rings, shower scale, and water spotting along with residue left on skin, clothing, and hair. Mineral-laden water is more expensive to heat requiring the use of additional soaps and cleansers that shorten the lifespan of household appliances.
Heavy metals, such as lead, cause serious health issues and even small amounts can accumulate in the body causing problems later in life. Colorado's hard water, in general, has higher levels of harmful radon, uranium, and other radioactive compounds than those found in other areas of the United States.
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Protecting You from Coliform Bacteria


What Are Coliform Bacteria?


What if coliform bacteria or E. coli are found in my water?


Ultraviolet Water Filtration and Sanitation

An effective ultraviolet system utilizes the “C” band of UV light to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that commonly contaminate drinking water. This treatment is preferred because harmful bacteria and viruses are killed or rendered sterile and the harmful side-effects of chemical agents on the septic system are negated. Installation of a staged filtration method prior to the ultraviolet unit provides a very effective treatment method.
Get water treatment tailored to your needs. Call Boulder / GNC Water Well today at (303) 442-1911 or 303-442-1911 for a system that works for you.