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Comprehensive, Professional Water Well Repair and Installation


We Work With a Range of Water Movement Systems

Boulder / GNC Water Well in Northern Colorado works with a wide range of water well pumps, cistern pumps, and irrigation pumps. From a pressure switch to a SCADA-controlled system, we work on a variety of water movement systems.
We've been servicing and installing water well systems since 1974 and pride ourselves on installing quality products and systems that our customers can trust. Our company began with one pump hoist that was mounted on a 1955 Dodge Power wagon we nicknamed as "Old Red”. She wasn't much to look at but that truck got us started. Today, we have a fleet of service vehicles and pump hoists to meet every project need.
Our business has humble beginnings, but we're proud to now be the Lafayette community's leading water well repair and installation company.
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We Have an Ease of Access to Parts and Accessories

Our 6,000 square foot warehouse allows us to access nearly any component needed for a range of water well installations and repairs. This gives us the advantage of a faster turnaround time than our competition. Most commonly required parts are stocked on our work trucks allowing technicians to fix most issues directly on-site. We finish repairs quickly with almost all of our residential jobs completed within 24 hours.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We offer 24-hour emergency services in the event that your water is depleted. It's our goal to be at your home or business within 24 hours of your call to us. Each one of our trucks carries hundreds of parts to facilitate a timely repair. If a part is not stocked in our truck, it's likely our 6,000 square foot warehouse will have the component you need.

Proactive Water System Maintenance

An out-of-water event can be a headache but with proper maintenance, your chances of running out of water due to an equipment malfunction are greatly decreased. We highly recommend an annual tune-up to your system. These yearly visits by one of our expert technicians allows us to complete maintenance and minor repairs before effecting the entire system, causing a shutdown and requiring additional costly repairs.
Call us today to set up your appointment, at either 303-442-1911 or (303) 442-1911.